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Hi, my name is Rick, and I have been behind a camera since the age of 15 and love spending time in the

outdoors. Over the course of the past 45 years, I have taken several classes, seminars, and have worked

with other photographers to refine my skills. My goal as a photographer is to capture a moment in time

that would most likely go unnoticed, and to share that moment with whomever wishes to stop, to take

the time to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Memorable Moments™


2009   Visions   -3rd place-   Sacramento Fine Arts Center

              -San Francisco Sunset-

2014   2nd Annual Art Open Fine Art Competition -Honorable Mention- Elk Grove fine Arts center

             -Race of Time-

2014    Outdoor Photographer Vista 2014   -Finalist for 2 photographs-

              -The Rock- -Race of time-

2015   California State Fair - Honorable Mention    -Race of Time-

2015    SFAC - Award of Excellence   -Race of Time-

2017    California State Fair  -2nd Place  -Golden Pyramid-

EMAIL:        rick@rickbieniekphotography.com

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